Life is not a local beach

Just a few days, social media is full of workers to attract customers in Calangute node in the football field of the image, one of the busiest streets that go to the beach in Calangute, Baga and Arpora all night.

A couple of locals met on a beach trip like this. It is shocking when you start GTDC abuse in Goa, you are by the self realization of the bug, you hold in Goa tourism hub, no other than Calangute beach!

Don’t forget, GTDC charges 100 rupees to the park, your car except Karan Gut beach and the price is fixed for 12 hours. The price to cater for all tourists in India Trax, Bolero rhythm and travelers from Maharashtra, Gujarat Bong and Karnataka.

“For us, next season will be five tourists on the beach.”. But that was past and Calnagute was bustling with India tourists crossing the monsoon. “There has been no off-season in Calangute for nearly 10 years,” Karan explained.

“They moved to Punjab for nearly 8 years and Karan Gut went back to the travel agency just to lease on the beach to make it their own business.”. Previously, the travel agency is a local lad decided to shut up shop and hire, and he lives in Calangute DIN. Karan admits that he sold the tourists boating and island tourism in Calangute beach because the guests came to Calangute they would rather leave the noisy and dirty beaches of Goa while exploring the inland areas, India tourists expect Calangute nightlife.

Karan’s neighbor, Sainath, who works in the hotel, still has a roof except for him in a Portuguese building, but the front wall is torn and renovated into a hotel.

“Cheap wine and stimulating drink on the beach is the hotel along the beach Calangute despite playing, drinking is not allowed in Goa is a crime but the reality is what on the beach… Say: “it’s time to take a walk on the beach while he’s busy selling old monk bottles.”

Elisa DeSouza, who lives in the sea breeze, a beautiful home only 100 yards from the beach to explain to us how she defined her property set in addition to her home for the beach commercial building opened a large shopping mall, cheap swimming suits and Bikinis club. She rented the whole house, Rajasthani family.

“Over the past eight years, I didn’t go to the beach calngute although I live in Calangute beach but I didn’t go there. In every part of Calangute, no beach. It’s nothing but filth. “The type of business of these tourists and the increase in prostitution forced us to balcony the glass, and we completely and screen themselves from the Indians to do business in Calangute illegal situations,” I Lisa said.

Similarly, Jhonny Dsouza is one of the 200 spectators sitting on his bicycle watching the local football match except Thursday night. Jhonny explained that the local people are concerned about their football Calangute and women at the local bakery and chat to meet but they would rather stay away from all the shops, bars, used as massage parlors, tourists buy tobacco supermarkets in long queues. In addition to some of the taxi drivers and students in Calangute nightclub, the local people love to lock up all the doors and windows at night in addition to avoid drunken ranting and curse tourists on the street and traffic noise music.

“Once in Karan Gut beach, fishermen and fresh fish, the powder and coconut trees, ladainhas and several British tourists sitting quietly at the seaside hut staring at the wave to say what but now Karan Gut is a dirty India tourists come here, even in the season just staring at the picture of Russian tourists cunning.

Dilip Naik, who left Karan ancient years back after the sale of his plot a hotel construction explained that he found it difficult to keep their teenage children, because they often massage shop problem Calangute beach, only 500 rupees, banners, said that we do massage, sometimes like a card on the huge posters and escort billboard massage service.

But all this is said and done, these local people built additional illegal rooms and allowed their houses to allow travel to flourish when cash was in it but not involved.

Bird: a conscientious and visually bad woman shop

“Everything we do is feminist and idealistic.”. “We’re a fashion label, but we’re outsiders, and we’ve been looking for positive ways to do things differently,” explains Burdesan co-founder Sophie Slater. Since 2014, the company has created a new sense of shopping with two other women. With spells, no sweatshops, no Photoshop ‘, their Hoxton in London tonight launches pop shops.

National spirit is simple; birdsong wants to champion women and non binary people. “Whether it is a charity through making a highly skilled women, our clothes and cooperation than competition, what kind of clothes to No. 22, or really believe all the body is very good, we hope to meet when you enter the store, Louise slaughter clarification. Many brands promote feminist ideals or put on “T-shirts” on T-shirts, but you can be sure that we’re doing a good job. It is moving in order to keep women’s services running, or to support future and future artists and designers, which is something we all feel good about.

The store, from July twenty-seventh to 1 the stocking of young designers, publications such as the back, lady, polyester zinc, transvestite uncle, birdsong zinc, nest, and sustainable development of the period, the company thinx pants. All of our other brands are the result of an entire team obsessed with finding beautiful, ethical brands or amazing publications (usually ourselves). Then we’ll buy wholesale store, Louise slaughter added.


Highlights include Yutong, which wholesale swimwear is subject to the Rihanna label recycling nets, the song of the collection, which is composed of immigrants, in Shoreditch live in low income women, wages popler and Liam Moorhouse, and between the birds and the Kerrey oupei Limited Edition Dyatt cooperation. Slater M said, “look out,” embroidered pants, sold fashionable slogans, socks, and perfect summer sandals.” She pointed out, “basically, we’re from head to toe, all right, ethical makeup, this time.” We hope that this is a taste from our brand expectations, because our aesthetics and values continue to grow and challenge other industries.

Shore whistle! Reality TV star Courtney Stoden almost collapsed her incredible little bikini she hit at LA Beach

Courtney Stoden is an expert in pretending to be sexy self timer in her cozy Losangeles apartment.

But on Wednesday, the reality TV show “beloved” is best known for her to marry the “Green Run” actor Doug Xiuqiexun at the age of 16, when she was only 56 years old, breaks down from the iPhone, at LA beach near Santa Monica to bask in the sun.

The 22 year old couple treated stars seemed to be showing off her curves. She was so small in bikinis that she was almost exposed to public exposure.

A sexy girl who dyed her hair and made her make-up like Marilyn, Monroe, wearing small white cheap good quality bikinis and pink polka dots at the bottom.

A sneeze, it looks like she can pop up the little clothes.

With the sun’s intense bright day, Stodden uses mirrored sunglasses and straw hats. Beauty is seeing feet wet in the cold Pacific and taking a walk to the seaside.

At this point she was holding a white dog, this is a dangerous move, such as dogs do not allow owners in Santa Monica beach can be fined.

But it appeared that the model did not get into trouble with the police.

Courtney also saw a sparkling blue bag, almost like a mermaid’s story.

Stodden seems to be doing well because she splits from January to december.

The stars split up after the holiday fight, but they still seem to live together in the LA apartment, and now, it has claimed.

The 16 year old singer took part in the show workshop taught Hutchison, who appeared in movie air prison, bait and me Am Sam.

They started flirting online and met in six months.

After asking her mother’s permission, the actress began dating young people.

“The way we met was really beautiful,” Stodden said in an interview with 2011 good morning American host Laura Spencer.

“My mother is my career manager.”. Her friend told me that my mother [Hutchison] held some seminars. I’m interested in acting. So what’s the better way to connect than that?”

She sent me an e-mail. “Communicating with us was, at first, just a real business,” says Hutchison.

Totally innocent, “Stodden said.

They married 2011 in Las Vegas, and he was immediately regarded as a predator”.

2012, they co starred in couples therapy and she continued in British celebrity big brother twelfth season star edition.

Then Stodden appears in the Reelz reality TV series Hollywood hermit, consolidate his reputation as a reality TV star.

Two years later, they separated and signed a legally separate document, but in 2014 they agreed with a plan to renew the vows in May 2016.

Stodden hasn’t been in public for months at Hutchison.

In late April, she worked with the divorced party in Las Vegas: “it’s really hard to tell the score.”. Doug and I get along very well, but it’s difficult, you know, because we’re trying to keep our friendship, because we’re best friends, and we don’t want to be on the road to a disastrous Hollywood.

Alberta mom’s Bleached bathing suit spurs chlorine safety in Eyre’s Delhi pool

A Alberta mother’s cheap swimming suits is bleached after wading in Eyre, Delhi, TOT pool city, with her little daughter to raise potential health problems, even though the level of chemistry is safe.

“Maybe the standard in Alberta is safe, but is it for people to swim?” “Jenny Wagner tells the world news.

Wagner said she and her daughter pool from 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on November 29th, but noticed the extreme “bleach spot” in her cheap swimming suits when she got home. She has a health problem, so she calls the pool. She said she told the security level: at one to 10 levels, they tested at eight p.m. 12 p.m.

Eyre, Delhi’s Lynda Phelan, told global standards that there were no more than provincial standards. Every couple of days, she says, a batch of water samples is sent to Alberta, and if the water is out of bounds, it will be notified to the city, which will cause the pool to close.

She says 400 to 500 people use the swimming pool every day, and there are no reports of other faded swimsuits.

But Wagner said she also heard the concerns of other mothers, although official levels of chemistry remain worrisome.

“I want [pool managers] to be more considerate of people in the pool,” she said. “It would be unfortunate if they had to close the swimming pool to prevent pollution, but I would still pay if I had to wait an hour to make the pool clean, not worried about chemicals.”

Wagner said, although in the swimming lesson, her daughter had been paid, her family have decided not to go to the ideal pool until the problem is solved in her mind.

Miami designer for each woman to provide “swimming fashion fantasy”

During the Miami Swimming Week, “Planet Fashion” will be the Miami designer’s work in the “swimming fashion fantasy” in the focus. Two of the OMG Miami swimsuits by Andrea Gaviria and Gabriela Pires Beachwear of Gabriela Pires closed these trends on July 21, Gaviria’s shiny latex and the space-age Barbarella theme with modern Trends are intertwined, and Pires’ floral, stylish appearance leads to emotional complexity.

Both Gavia and Pires are from Miami, but the diversity of clothing echoes the city’s international flavor. Look at the runway and see how these designers name themselves and find inspiration.

OMG Miami swimsuit

Gavia started designing swimsuit at the age of 19 and built his own business from the beach in Miami. The previous model, she designed her own swimsuit stand out. She shared her first work on social media. For seven years, she came out of her house, had her own store, and showed her design on a fashion show.

“I want to give women the greatest self – confidence,” said Gavria, “that ‘s the main thing, and I want a woman to wear a very small item and feel comfortable.

She follows the trend of inspiration, but takes them to a new level, making the mind to make people say “OMG!” Gabriel says her goal is “shocking” on the runway.

“This year we were inspired by the 1990s.We use latex and other materials to reflect the sound … we made a lot of color blocking, colorful, and combined body chains and reflective sunglasses for the runway.”

But Gavria will not slow down.

She said: “My ultimate goal will be Victoria’s secret, even bigger.” “The sky is not the limit.”

Gabriela Pires Beachwear

Hound grew up in Miami, tend to be more elegant, sexy look. She said she started working in the womb because her mother worked in the fashion industry.

“This is the only thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Pires said.

The special interest in antique, especially antique jewelry, is what makes her voice as a designer, not the rest.

She began designing and selling luxury Brazilian underwear in New York City, but decided to start in Miami in 2012 with swimsuit to start fresh. Shoes like wholesale work, and in the sports illustrations swimwear on a variety of swimsuit.

Pires said, “My route is romantic and delicate.” “It ‘s sweet, but it’ s also sexy. It ‘s a mixture. I painted a woman, who was successful, or a woman who wanted a luxury. She wanted chic. It was every woman.”

The local entrepreneur gave up fifty thousand swimsuit

Houston – Houston’s mothers and daughters have organized 50,000 cheap good quality bikinis through their online company “Love and Bikini”.

They are doing so, want to get the word and get attention in their year’s project

This is not your typical designer studio, but in this quaint garage, it seems that the lack of glory and charm is the heart overflow.

Love and bikini boss Olga Parks (Olga Parks) said: “We are now living in the American dream.

48-year-old Olga Park, 23 years ago left Mexico. She pursued a better life for her and her children.

Now her girls are growing up, she followed her own passion, and her daughter on the Internet design high quality bikini.

Parks said: “I am very excited, it is incredible, I can not believe we finally arrived.

Following the footsteps of her mother, 29-year-old Elizabeth Marcelo left the company’s work with entrepreneurial spirit.

“I always have my own business mentality,” said Elizabeth Macedo, co-owner of Love & Bikinis.

Open the door “love and bikini” is a thought that blossoms a year ago, the two think the market needs.

Parks said: “We can not find what we want, sometimes because of the size, other times the quality is not good.”

So, the woman put things in their own hands.

“We started doing our own thing,” she said.

From velvet to lakala, these colorful bikini retail prices are between $ 70 and $ 120, but starting from Monday night, if you hurry, you can buy it.

In the next two weeks, there will be fifty thousand swimsuit was taken away.

Bikini 100% free, the only thing that will cost you $ 12 for shipping and handling charges will be delivered to your home.

An idea that the two would want to start their start to become stardom.

“That’s where your dreams come true,” said Parks.

When asked how to give up so many cheap good quality bikinis, ladies say they have a lot of manufacturers. They are also using some of their savings to achieve this.

Top 5 Best Mastectomy Swimsuits

For women who have undergone mastectomy, flooding the toes from beginning to end may seem like a difficult step. Through invasive surgery (such as mastectomy) to treat the body, is very personal. However, swimming is the best, after the first exercise of mastectomy, the patient can speed up the return to normal life. That’s why it’s very important to find the perfect breast resection swimsuit that will make you feel beautiful, strong and positive. Swimming can be as gentle as you want, but you can also be as aggressive as you want. The joints are easy, you can do it alone, or do it with your friends, which is a great way to inspire your senses and muscles.

The key to comfort in the pool is to find the right swimsuit and provide enough coverage to hide the scar after surgery. You will also want a piece of clothing, your breast form or other prosthesis with a pocket. In addition, you will want it to look interesting, stylish and oversized. This is given.

Because swimming strengthens your stomach, back and shoulders, you will be more likely to find your new center of gravity after surgery. Some limited sun exposure (as long as you have painted on some good sunscreen), will also enhance your soul to help you restore the enthusiasm of each day. If you swim a swimming cap, be sure to thoroughly clean and adjust your hair and keep looking and grow.

Speaking of strong, your shoulders, abdominal muscles and chest muscles can make your surgery recover faster and easier. If you have not had surgery, you may want to order now fit suits, maybe you can order your breasts so you can quickly return to the pool. In addition, once you improve the speed and regularity, you will also adjust your heart muscles, which will make your whole body benefit from head to foot.

Mastectomy is suitable for all of our selected fabrics, comfortable, wireless structures and pocket bilateral prostheses. In addition, they are stylish, gentle cut, with beautiful bright colors, when you are in the pool or the beach, will cheer you. Although we do not include breast resection bikini here, but because of the low inventory, we will add more of it available. This is our 5 best breast resection swimsuit. They will make you feel strong, firm and beautiful.

Jamu Australia Women’s Toledo Mastectomy Tankini


This black and white beauty designed for those who have severe scars, post-operative design. This mastectomy swimwear is an elegant triangle that looks Tannini, which is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that is a bonus compared to many ordinary tanks. It is made of ultrafine fiber polyamide lycra, so you can rest assured that your swimsuit is comfortable and cool. The camouflage pocket can safely keep your swim form. The bottom of the swimsuit has a higher cut in the back, so if you are looking for a more gentle bottom, you can watch a swim skirt or a swim suit.

Paradise Bay Women’s Gypsy Mastectomy Swimsuit


When you slide down from the beautiful mona stamps of Paradise Bay, you will dream of the tropics. It offers gentle, comprehensive coverage with beautiful fit, vibrant flowers Paisley printing guaranteed to enhance your spirits. This one-piece swimsuit is equipped with a V-neck, a scooped vest, and a soft cup structure with a prosthetic pocket. Legs are many women’s tights. Made of nylon and spandex, the comfortable fit will allow you to stay in the pool for several years. A lovely swimsuit cover is also in order, as well as a big fluffy new beach towel.

Amoena Women’s Plus-Size Faro Mastectomy Swimsuit

This is the theme of the maritime theme of the mastectomy swimwear can make people amazing. With the cruise value of the style, this plus the size of the integrated tank beautifully decorated. The pockets in the bra cup hold your part of the finisher or swivel form firmly in place, so you do not have to worry about looking beautiful and naturally. This lovely suit features mosaic center panels and buttocks bow detail. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to fully adapt to the elasticity and, if you wish, the optional detachable strap provides additional support. Legs and the bottom of the appropriate tailoring, so you do not have to worry about showing too much. If you are looking for a simple plus black mailbox, Penbrooke Women’s Plus-Size Krinkle swimsuit may be perfect for you. If you want black, just a color close to your face, this Susan swimsuit is an interesting choice.

Susa Red & Black Tropical Print Women’s Mastectomy Swimsuit

The front of the shirt and the bright tropical print make this lovely mail floor the perfect choice for the patio and the swimming pool. Susa Nursing Series uses a wireless wire structure, so you are at the best surgical point without any irritation. This suit has been stitched in a soft cup, double-sided pocket for your prosthetic form, and an elastic low-chest strap to increase the shape. The same design is also a nice flower print. They also offer this beautiful floral print fabric on the cross surplice style also.

Susa Women’s Mastectomy Ruffle Front One Piece Swimsuit

Red poppy and small lotus leaf decorated with this beautiful breast cutting swimsuit. Two tones, a suit with a solid red bottom, with the top of the pattern, with a slimming belt and a moderate neckline. U back shows your shoulders while the adjustable shoulder straps protect them. This suit offers a removable soft cup and a breast pocket in the form of breasts. In some thick red sandals and a matching cheap swimming suits cover over, you can see the beauty of the beach and the swimming pool.

Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) Wunderlich upgrade rating

Equity analyst Wunderlich downgraded the stock and lowered the price target on May 11, raised the price target from $ 30.00 to $ 12.00 and changed the rating from “hold” to “sell”. May 11, Wunderlich announced the stock rating from “Hold” down to the current target price of $ 12.00.


The company closed at $ 9.71 yesterday. Abercrombie & Fitch announced the dividend paid on Monday, June 12, 2017. The dividend for the quarter was $ 0.200 per share and was $ 0.80 per annum. The dividend is valued at $ 8.15 and the dividend is the percentage of the current share price. The ex-dividend date is Wednesday, May 31, 2017.


Its trading price of 9.36 US dollars, significantly lower than the 50-day moving average of 10.37 US dollars, equivalent to 200 daily moving average of 11.67 US dollars. 50 day moving average fell -1.04 US dollars or -10.030%, an average of 200 fell to -20.113%.


Abercrombie & Fitch Co. was launched on June 26, 1996 and is a professional retailer that sells its products primarily through stores and directly to the consumer’s business as well as through various wholesale, franchise and licensing arrangements. The company is divided into two major parts: Abercrombie, which includes the business unit Abercrombie & Fitch and sister brands, as well as Hollister, which includes the business unit Hollister and Gilly Hicks brand. The company offers a range of apparel products including sweaters, woven shirts, graphic t-shirts, wool, sweaters, jeans, woven pants, shorts, jackets, dresses, intimate and swimwear, as well as men’s and women’s personal care products and accessories and Abercrombie & Fitch Under the children, Hollister and Gilly Hicks brand.


As of the latest earnings report, earnings per share of -0.27 US dollars, is expected this year will be -0.30 US dollars, there are still 68,016,000 shares. Analysts expect earnings per share for the next quarter to be $ 0.15, and next year’s earnings per share is expected to be $ 0.14.

17 ways to save money on swimsuits

Swimwear shopping may be a nightmare. Although some people like it, but many people understand that to find a look good, suitable for the perfect, can still bear the pain of the swimsuit. Fortunately, you can use some tips and tricks to find a suit that meets all three of these.

From swimsuit coupons to swimwear sales, you can avoid using the following savings strategy to brag about your summer budget when you start searching for the perfect bikini next time.

1. Choose just a pair of new bottom …

Choose a pair of new bottom to help you save money while finding the best swimsuit for your body. Kendal Perez, a savings specialist at, says that this strategy is particularly useful if your suit is still in good shape and you only need to replace the top or bottom.

“For example, at the bottom of a favorite yellow and white striped bikini was ruined in the river, I found an orange Ralph Lauren bikini at $ T. j.Maxx for $ 20,” she said. “I do not like the top, but I like how the bottom fits.”

You may also have more luck to prevent good clearance transactions for a single piece that suits your body and budget.

2. Or just buy a new top

Do you already have a decent swimsuit at the bottom? If you are a boring woman, wearing the same swimsuit again and again, just replace the top can save a little money.

Be sure to check the cleaning rack to get the best deal. What you do not want to do is buy a costume swimsuit more when it’s your real top.

3. Go to the store brand

If you are looking for cheap swimsuit, you will find it difficult to find them from the designer’s brand. Savory expert Andrea Woroch said, however, you can find the most popular trends from Target, ASOS, Old Navy and Forever 21 stores.

For example, Target’s Xhilaration brand is worth $ 20, similar to Triangl (about $ 89 large-scale swimsuit high-end designer), “she says.

4. Use coupons to find additional savings

Before you go to the shopping center, please search the best coupon website for possible trade in swimsuit., and are good places to start online coupons and coupon codes as well as printable and mobile coupons. Many of these types of coupon websites are discounted and can be used on affordable retailers such as Macy’s, JCPenney, etc.

“You can find a 20% swimsuit like Kohl’s, 20% of swimsuit and SwimSpot discounts,” says Woroch. “You can also find the target coupon to save $ 50 to buy $ 5 or use the store’s target Cartwheel application to find additional store savings.

Combine your coupons with online and in-store swimwear sales – if you can, you will eventually save a ton.

5. Only swimsuit sales

If you have enough discipline to stop buying a new swimsuit, you will be lucky. It is expected that summer necessities will be sold in large quantities, such as swimwear, and in summer, retailers will launch summer styles to make room for fall fashion.

6. Compare prices

As a smart shopper, do some homework before buying – this is absolutely suitable for swimsuit, Woroch said.

“For brands such as La Blanca, Roxy, Quicksilver or Jessica Simpson, which sell in department stores and retailers, be sure to use the ShopSavvy application to compare prices and ask the salesperson to price it,” she said.

7. Go to Outlets

If you want to buy a specific swimsuit from a high-end retailer or designer, you can choose to export stores to save costs. Woroch says you can save 40% to 70% of the normal retail price.

Although you have already played a lot on the swimsuit, you can usually increase your discounts by using coupons or applying for holiday sales on already reduced items. “She added.

For brand swimsuit, Woroch recommends visiting stores such as BCBG Factory Stores, Saks OFF 5TH and Neiman Marcus Last Call.

8. Shop at T.J.Maxx, Ross and Marshall

Woroch says shops like T.J.Maxx, Ross and Marshalls offer top brands, with only a small portion of the price, and you can save time when looking for cheap swimsuit.

“For example, T.J.Maxx’s one-piece package costs $ 25 (or less), including fashionable styles, while bikini and tank prices are less than $ 15.”

9. take care of your clothes

The best way to stretch your money on a swimwear is to maximize the life you already have. The better the conditions, the longer they last, the less you have to buy.

“Chlorine and swimsuit fabrics are not well mixed,” says Voroch. “Without proper care, your clothes will become weary and tainted.”

You can take some precautions to extend the life of the swimsuit. Woroch said that after each use, you can soak in swimsuits in cold water, as much as possible to remove chlorine, to avoid the use of the ability to break the elastic dryer. By following these simple tips, you can keep your swimsuit for a longer period of time and save money.

10. Use the discontinued brand

This summer, the use of Victoria’s secret stop line and the motion board of the liquidation sales.

Victoria’s secrets offer up to 60 percent more than 300 swimsuit styles, and the Sports Authority offers everything from 30% to 50% – you may find deals about men and women swimsuit.

11. Browse large stores

If the cheap swimwear is your pursuit, it would be better to Target, the old navy, Wal-Mart and other low-cost large retailers. Perez says many of these stores offer several swimsuit styles.

“In addition, many of these stores are designed according to the latest swimsuit trends and designs, so you can often find things that look high but costly,” she added.

12. Order online

Shopping swimsuit itself can be a fight. But if you are one of the many women who do not like the locker room and fluorescent lamps, online ordering is a good choice. Perez said, just make sure you shop on the free shipping and return website.

“In addition, online shopping offers more choices that can help you find what you want when you have some special thoughts like a basic black one,” she says.

13. Labor Day sales

If you missed the deal on July 4 this year, do not worry – Labor Day will also be filled with the deal. Perez said that you can expect Labor Day sales to continue throughout the summer. And during these sales, is expected to find clearance on the swimsuit price.

“If in some cases, if you can overcome the impulse to buy clothes, then you can save 40% to 60%.” “Like clothing, you can find coupons on weekends, including on the Internet, Get an extra discount. ”

14. buy more than one swimsuit

It’s not easy to find your swimsuit. So when you do, why not buy more than one – especially if the price is correct? When you buy a swimsuit sale, you may find that the price is too high to pass.

15. Shop beach sidewalk sales

Do you have a beach in your work? Continue reading the sidewalk store for possible steals, recommend Linda Condrillo, the savings specialist and the owner of the website She said, you usually start at the end of July to find great sidewalk sales.

“I sold a lot of time on the sidewalks of the California beach hut – in Denville, N.J. – where the savings were great.” I bought a luxury suit – $ 122 for $ 10 – just $ 10, Condrillo said. ”

16. Look at your inventory

Whether you are a fanatical swimmer or a summer sun bath, Condrillo recommends that you watch the swimsuit you already have. She said that if you have the right number, then only to find a real bargain when to buy a new swimsuit. This will save you doubling the amount of debris or styles you may not really need, so you can spend money unnecessarily.

17. Exchange swimsuit with friends

Have you ever bought your girlfriend’s wardrobe? If so, you and your friends have the opportunity to see the label still with swimsuit. Or maybe you might have a few friends you only wear once, maybe just for you. Create a Facebook event with friends and organize an interesting exchange – you may be lucky to get an expensive piece of clothing for free.

Duncan: Halloween candy on store shelves in August, really?

At the beginning of June, I was shocked by the local retail stores and the online projects and promotions that had returned to school. In mid-July, I was very disappointed when a large box store that needed a member began to show autumn and winter clothes for sale near summer supplies such as cheap swimming suits and swimming pool maintenance products. Now, just in August, I have witnessed the Halloween gift on the local store shelves. Do you know that these colorful and seductive boxes contain 50 to 100, if not more, mini chocolate bar?

At this time, the channel and shelves are clearing any signs of summer, removing insect repellent sprays, cheap lawn decorations and solar lights, as well as various plastic toys designed for children, in the sandbox to entertain themselves.

Sadly, if you want a sign that summer is going to end, it seems just to visit any number of local stores. To be frank, in order to win more competition, many retailers are raining and our parade is out of date. At this pace, Christmas sales may start from September 1, if not faster, from what I can say.

Although food retailers and grocers will certainly offer the most common season and harvest products, their shelves are starting to show signs of an upcoming fall and winter.

Even if Thanksgiving Turkey has not yet been highlighted, just give it a little time, they will lie in the state and get ready in a week, I said. Although the local corn has just appeared in front of a boring and difficult year after the farmers, the local strawberries have fallen, but pumpkin and pumpkin coming soon, you bet.

Even the pharmacies that have been selling all the things that have been sold for a long time (kitchen and bathroom sinks) have joined the early and outbound promotion games. In fact, candy and chocolate sales can be quite impressive due to the impressive number and quantity of sweet products offered. I will not sell perfume and cosmetics here, though they are prominent at the door of every pharmacy I know.

Now, if you really want to buy Christmas candy before Halloween, the pharmacy may be the place. If you want candy in Halloween in August, then you know where to go. Just visit the perfume and perfume parts for easy access.

So, why did the retailer get the goods that do not belong to the season earlier? As early as July, winter coats and boots have been sold in stores? Whether you get back to school products and promotions, just as students drop out of school in the summer? Halloween candy as early as August store shelves appeared on a bad thing? Do retailers jump our summer fun?

Have your words