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Month: October 2017

It’s a little secret, and the use of Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit model makes his chest look amazing… But you’ll laugh if you want to be on the beach

It’s going to be their swimsuit’s elaborate PS and airbrush without surprises, but there’s another secret knack of using the model – though you might feel a little silly on the beach. Obviously, the model wears a push up bra and then draws out the pictures. Someone claims to be with photoshopper before telling Refinery29: “they put a bra under cheap good quality bikinis”. “We sell bras… A lot of [employees] will complain, because they don’t even have a strapless. “When you wear Strapless bikini, in any way, shape or form [can] you have cleavage. The effect of gravity is […]

Lazy ass founder releases new tags

The founder and creative director of the lazy O, Gemma protects the ice lever by launching a new young woman’s clothing brand in November. Frozen, this gives them more “ice” as a described fusing punk girl’s attitude and like a doll”. It has more women than lazy O aesthetic features, will frills duck, duck artificial fur decoration sleeves statement. “We want to do some different two points, O’s laziness, which wholesale swimwear is an interesting person, my taste,” the protective tariff. “Hide is a little bit higher than ice, a little punk and more fashionable direction.” It’s two channels on […]

Mosman mother and children swimwear line splash

Mosman Heidi Wallis is generally considered to wholesale swimwear be a “mumpreneur” The mother of two children has been a high-end swimsuit designer for more than 20 years, and she has been the driving force for her career when her children appear. Now, Ms. Wallis’s efforts are starting to pay off. The 46 year old launched bluesalt beach, a bright and popular child, three years ago, saying that other moms could have too much if they found something they liked doing and little bit of work”. She said, “start from childhood, do something you love, and then you put yourself […]

The fizz of Miss 2017 in Miss Earth cheap swimming suits competition

San Fernando — hot on Miss Earth 2017 candidates demonstrated cheap swimming suits, casual wear competition in their lean physique in the lausgroup activity center held in October 24th. The staple food of the beauty pageant, the preliminary competition, is one of the most exciting events for the contestants to attend the grand coronation until the night of November 4th. More than 25 delegates from all over the world went to the stage center, wearing cheap swimming suits and tropical resorts, with incredible wear and tear. They also have the opportunity to express their environmental claims in competition. The beauty […]

After 2 years of alcohol testing, cheap good quality bikinis granny said she was still wearing a swimsuit

Few grandmothers have fallen into such a situation when they put considerable glasses on, and she was forced to put roadside alcohol tests only in cheap good quality bikinis. Since the 2015 incident, the video has been a sensational network, and her grandson sat in the back seat. Reading: travelers wear cheap good quality bikinis through airport security From the first time arrested, Patricia Ebel open to the world is always recognized as “bikini grandma.” It all started after she hit BMW on a Naples Fla. mustang. One afternoon in the afternoon, she drove home with her grandson. She said […]

Australian cheap swimming suits brand modi to solve the common problems of women’s body

As most women would have demonstrated, menstrual or bladder leakage in the beach or swimming pool is an uncomfortable experience, and a topic that is not often considered by the cheap swimming suits brand. But this is the 2017 Australian label, Modibo Di, is set up in the “normal” market around these taboo areas of dialogue, creating a “collection fashion fusion”, aims to solve the problem. Brand, by Kristy Chong in 2014, already has a series of no leakage absorbing underwear instead of menstrual and leaking products through absorption solution. The mother of two recent adventures, spent 12 months of […]

This swimwear brand has a moment, all because of Emily Ratajkowski

We always love hunting for new swimming labels, and we find our newest smash – Hunza G., if you follow on Instagram to wholesale swimwear, the brand you know is already Emily Ratajkowski. The model has bikini in almost every color. Hunza G (formerly known as Hunza) launched 1984, and the iconic Julia Roberts behind wore a beautiful woman brand (remember the blue and white gaps?!). Now, 30 years later, the brand re launched Hunza G, not like other design swimwear. A piece of Bikinis nightclub is made of textured lycra and comes in a series of beautiful colors. Extra […]

How cheap good quality bikinis looks incredible in this summer, according to “Oakley”

There are few blogs and swimwear for the synonymous Oakley and her business partner and best friend Devin Brugman pronoun. Australian Instagram stars got the cult of “one day a bikini” (3 million 200 thousand people, counting and counting), and they’ve successfully turned into a very successful bikini label on Monday. Monday’s latest collection of swimwear, discovery of paradise, drops, shopping malls, the task of answering all of our questions, before the burning summer. What kind of cheap good quality bikinis fits my figure? How do I feel confident on the beach? How does she get in shape in the […]

Kimberley Garner showed off her athletic physique and the peach back with white cheap good quality bikinis brings a sultry storm video for her

She was a Chelsea star, a cheap good quality bikinis designer. Kimberley Garner found out exactly why she was the perfect girl for this job, showing off her incredible characters in one of her creations. The 27 year old star posted a video on Monday on Instagram, showing she was wearing sexy white dresses and low collars. Former reality TV star after seeing the show off her slim figure with a halter in white. She promoted her successful brand subtitle, her video, “cover” kimberleylondon clothing. MISE EN appeared in different scenes, and the businessman jokingly showed off her confidence after […]

Beautiful swimming pool swimsuit is a good story for Perth designers.

Passion for textiles and prints is the source of inspiration behind the label “pretty pool cheap swimming suits” by the designer Emma Ritchie of Perth. Cottesloe surf lifesaving Club lifeguard learning fashion in the TAFE said she wanted to create a brand, will make young women feel good. She said: “the collection was inspired by the shore of Western Australia and put up tents on the beach.” “It’s all about hanging out with friends, remembering the past, and making girls a girl and a good body image, especially among teenagers! “I designed age 14-20 to aim at a young girl […]