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Alton Towers Smiler amputee Leah Washington bravely sunbathe in a swimsuit | Uncategorized

Alton Towers Smiler amputee Leah Washington bravely sunbathe in a swimsuit

The victims of the Alpine Towers’ Smiler roller coaster crash were portrayed as wearing a navy ladies swimming costume while
bathing in the sun.
In June 2015, Leah lost a leg in a terrible accident in the Staffordshire theme park.
But the 20-year-old girl has now shared provocative bikini photos on her vacation on Instagram.
Lea said last year that she used to be afraid to wear a bikini to take off her clothes during the holidays.
According to the Mirror, she uploaded her photo in the Navy Blue Bikini and posted this post at the Riu Touareg
The happy young man added a title to the three photos: “BEACH BUM is here to live my best life and it feels great.
“To spend the best vacation with your best friends and boyfriend.”
Leah from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, rode with her boyfriend Joe Pug in June 2015, when Smeller drove a terrorist
After smashing, she must amput her left leg above her knee.
This month’s report said Leah’s lawyers are about to enter into a compensation agreement with Merlin Entertainment,
which owns Alton Towers.
Lia said last year: “After my accident, physical confidence is one of my biggest problems. My body and life have
changed forever. This is something I am still used to.
“Going on vacation, wearing a bikini is one of my biggest fears in front of many others, but now I am confident in
my skin (and bikini smiles) and realize that everyone looks great in their own way.
“Don’t worry about other people’s ideas, it doesn’t matter.”
Fans praised Lia on Instagram and called her “inspiration.”
One user said, “You look great and you should be proud of yourself.”
Another wrote: “You are so inspiring and absolutely beautiful.”
A user named Kai said: “You don’t need to worry about your appearance, but you look great anyway, you should be
proud of yourself.”
In the crash two years ago, another driver, Vicky Balch, lost his leg in the Staffordshire theme park and injured
four others.

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It’s time to promise to dock open-air swimwear.

Everything is in the final sale. We are at a point where there is no return.
From the iconic whale tail Degrassi episode to Cisco’s classic national anthem, thongs have always occupied a supreme position in fashion and pop culture. So what is the best way to end the summer than to pass a complete thong? On this long weekend, ELLE celebrates the best, worst and most memorable thongs on the red carpet, beach and beyond.
How do we remember the summer of 2018? The straw was cancelled. Donald Trump separates the children from their parents, and his inner circle is Watergated. Aretha Franklin left the better side. Showing your ass on the beaches of the United States has become mainstream.

Maybe you noticed that the swimsuit pants are fading. The sporty American Speedo and the candle-named Brazilian thong seem to be in the process of collision, driven by all the nostalgic sentiments of the 80s and 90s. Two years after Teyana Taylor danced to the “Fade” of Kanye West in a thong, Kardashians was in the full beach town postcard belt mode.
The rest of us are more likely to encounter a thong shorts that are designed to cover the cracks generously, but insist on revealing where the buttocks meet the thighs. The emerging term for this reduction is “cheeky” and the name is appropriate. In the e-commerce model and Instagram influence influencers, the thin bottom makes the wearer look like a cheeky Coppertone baby, and his dog eats her ladies swimming costume.
Is it effective in real life? I do not know. Swimsuits are objectively analyzed than any other garment. In theory, the cheeky bottom may be a likable way. However, according to my experience, they can also dig the flesh, which is not traditionally desirable. Revolve’s influencers solved this problem with posture. They lifted their swimsuits from their hips with their thumbs, as if cleverly picking a wedge they might actually have. Except for the most suitable thick-skinned bottom, all other components are subject to the slightest interference.
More importantly: it was 2018, and these concerns suddenly became obsolete. Worrying whether something is pleasing means acknowledging that looking good looks equal to looking thin – or, in this case, religion about deadlift – we all agree that this should no longer be the goal. When this is the atmosphere, we should all feel comfortable showing our ass. There is nothing wrong with our ass!
Still, you still can’t choose your hang-up, and recently we encourage you to try to reduce your butt, which can be confusing. More than once, I found myself entering the locker room, spinning like a dog trying to bite its tail, wondering where the rest of the swimsuit was. Not long ago, a piece of ass exposed clothing had to be purchased at a fancy imported lingerie store or accidentally purchased while traveling in a less-Puritan country. Now, H&M and J.Crew feel like Ibiza, and the cheeky bikini once shamelessly reveals the cheeky bottom. People can filter Aerie swimwear through “cheeky” and “brutal”. (How shameful is the cheeky? You will find out when it will come; the model looks like it is sitting.)

If there is a change in docking, it is difficult to determine. My colleague told me that showing your ass on the beach is a culture. (This is not the first time a white lady like me emulates.) Maybe in 2015 jeans shorts, your ass hangs on the bottom of the gateway. Perhaps, in an evolving socialist movement, Generation Z recognized Europe on the beach. Maybe we are tired of self-loathing.

What I know is that the antidote to the pressure on your beach body is actually going to the beach. When I was in my (possibly unpleasant) $18 Amazon cheeky jumpsuit, it was hard for me to remember worrying about me. I am busy reading thrillers, or playing on the front line, or wondering if I should reapply for SPF or go swimming and reapply. Looking at my phone, I can’t even figure out what I look like in Instagram photos.

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Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn

Q&A: The OCIN series in Vancouver offers recycled multi-purpose swimwear with recycled polyester nylon yarn
Finding the perfect swimsuit sometimes feels like an impossible feat. Some people are too embarrassed, some people are too boring – there are some people, um, they just don’t fit.

A new Vancouver swimwear brand, OCIN, hopes to eliminate the pressure to buy swimwear by offering chic, minimalist styles for men and women, which also provides an environmentally friendly element.

We interviewed brand founder Courtney Chew, talking about swimming suits for ladies, respecting the ocean, and the uniqueness of her brand in other swimwear options.
Q: What are OCINs for those who are not familiar?

A. OCIN is a lifestyle brand and a swimming series for men and women. But at our core, our existence is for our common future, linking humanity to our most open, free, and conscious self. We believe that if people live in global openness, there will be more sympathy, awareness and universal respect, which will enable us to work together to make some amazing benefits for our community, the planet and the ocean.
Q: What are OCINs for those who are not familiar?
Q: Is there a story behind this name?

A: This name actually has personal contact with me – this is the name of my sister and me, going backwards. NICO. She has received such tremendous support from the beginning, and after brainstorming so many different ideas, combinations and potential names for a month in a row, when I finally wrote this, it just clicked and felt perfect.

But this name also represents our purpose as a brand. OCIN is pronounced “ocean” and we have a strong connection with it. For us, the ocean is the symbol of freedom and infinity we mentioned above, and it needs our protection. Therefore, we want to create a brand that helps to raise the awareness of this magnificent body and provide us with the needs of life and survival. If we care about things that affect us all together, then the ability to care and act can extend to other aspects of our lives.

Q: What makes it different from other brands?

A: One of the things I have achieved in the industry for 12 years is that when brands truly commit to and understand their goals while maintaining flexible learning and innovation, they see success. So what I hope to help us stand out is what makes people realize that it’s not just another clothing brand that we really work hard.

We have made some commitments to make our community “work with us” easily, including ensuring that our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable. Our products are all made from recycled polyester and nylon yarns. We choose an organization to donate some of the proceeds each year – this year is our friend at the Surfrider Foundation.

Another thing that sets us apart is our size naming. On a global scale, there is no consistency in the size standards. For men and women, swimwear has become a hard-to-buy product, and I want to put this size association aside. We want to pay more attention to how you feel about wearing yourself, rather than determining the experience based on the size of the label. An OCIN, we offer five sizes, from Teslin to Alta – each named and inspired by the beautiful waters of B.C.

If we interact with our brand, we can inspire the transformation of our community with the way brands, products, experiences, each other, and the way we interact with the planet, which is very cool.

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The online-only swimwear retailer recently raised $2.3 million, and since its inception in April 201, sales have increased by 500% year-on-year.

Online-only women’s swimwear retailer Andie Swim wants to buy the right swimsuits more easily – even a pleasant process.
“The swimming suits for ladies shopping experience is broken,” said Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie Swim. She said she set out to solve the problem and save shoppers a store trip, which is often a frustrating experience when looking for a price and age-appropriate swimsuit.

Swimwear retailers sell products directly to consumers on It offers 26 swimwear styles and 135 SKUS, which will increase to 225 SKU when the new vacation collection is launched in November this year. Travis said that Andy Swimming was launched in April 2017, sales increased by 500% year-on-year, and refused to provide specific figures.

“Swimming is a very fragile purchase,” Travis said, which is why has a Fit Finder feature that helps shoppers find the Andy style that best suits her body and personal style.
The Fit Finder test asks the shopper a series of five questions: if she has an hourglass, pear, long and thin, or apple shape; if she likes to wear a one-piece swimsuit, a two-piece swimsuit or both; if she She has a long or short torso; she likes to show off her body parts; she plans to wear swimsuits, such as hanging around the pool and playing beach volleyball with the children on the beach; what is her personal style, such as classic, modern or minimalist. After the results are tabulated in the algorithm, Fit Finder provides some style for the shopper.
Retailers offer free shipping, returns and exchanges, and there is no price threshold to satisfy, so if she is not sure which swimsuit is the best fit, shoppers can order any number of swimsuits. She can then return within 30 days and return the returned swimsuit items. All orders are shipped from the New Jersey distribution center via USPS. “Women usually don’t buy swimwear, they buy when they need it, such as an upcoming vacation or party. So fast transportation is very important,” Travis said.

In March 2018, Andie Swim received $2.3 million in the first round of financing from investors such as Demi Moore and contact e-retailer Hubble Contacts co-founder Jesse Horwitz. The fund round is led by venture capital firms Two River Capital and Sonostar Venture.

To promote further growth and invest in new funding, Andie Swim redesigned and relaunched its website in May 2018, which is based on BigCommerce’s e-commerce platform. Travis said that the new website does not focus all design work and resources on the over-designed home page, but provides more details on the product page.

“We used to have a photo click to see the details of the swimsuit. Now we have an image carousel for each product,” Travis said.


The product details page also includes a size guide, a detailed description of the product, a horizontal view of the customer’s favorite products, a visual list, and customer reviews and questions – supported by the commercial company YotPo, integrated with BigCommerce. “If there are no comments, many people will not waver. It becomes very complete,” Travis said.

The redesign also includes the addition of the Fit Finder quiz, which is located in the front and middle of the navigation bar and adds links throughout the site. Andie Swim also launched a recommendation program for the recommended marketing platform Extole, which is also integrated with the BigCommerce platform. If a shopper shares her purchase with a friend or family member, they will receive a $25 shopping discount and the shopper will receive $25 for the next purchase.
As network traffic and conversions increase, the restart pays off. According to data from network measurement company Similar Web Ltd., within six months of the restart, had less than 5,000 visitors per month (except for 14,700 visits in January 2018), and Andie Swim has seen it. Its traffic increased from 12,000 to more than 45,000 per month in July. In addition, the site’s conversion rate increased by 250%, and return users increased by 300%. Travis said that much of this growth was attributed to its redesign and large-scale marketing promotion.

“We have defeated our goals with the greatest expectations,” Travis said. “Now, we are at the end of this huge season we just had. So, now we start the process again to find out what works and what doesn’t.”

Travis said part of the process is to update the collection with new styles and colors, including the holiday collection released in November and the new spring of 2019.

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The woman proudly shows off her loose skin in her swimsuit, even if she was attacked… twice

Last year, blogger Jacqueline Adan shared with her fans that she was pointed out and laughed at her while wearing a bathing suit cover ups while on vacation in Mexico. With a loss of about 350 pounds in four and a half years, Jacqueline’s skin is slack, and she often opens up her own journey of self-love. The event last year was a “great moment” for her because she decided not to let other people’s opinions affect her. So, this year, she is sharing what happened when she put on her swimsuit again.
“This happened when I was on vacation this year,” she wrote. “Yes, I am walking on the beach, I am pointed and laughed and made fun of it.”
However, this time Jacquline feels a lot different from the previous year.
“When I was laughed at and pointed to something coming to me,” she shared. “I don’t mean, I don’t think I have to defend myself. I don’t freeze or want to cry. I actually feel free! This time… I just don’t care!”
She is too busy to live the best life, worried about the evaluation of her enemies.
She wrote on Instagram: “In order to why I don’t care about this year, I tried to go back and solve every change.” “Then it finally hit me. I don’t rely on others’ approval, I don’t care what others have for my body.” The idea may not have been thought of. I am very focused on living the best life, I have been working hard to love me, it is my way… loose skin and all – I don’t have time to worry about other people’s thoughts or arguments.”

She continued to explain that although she sometimes struggled because she felt unsafe, she was still in a place in her life, and although others might think or say it, she still felt true confidence and happy.
“That’s what I finally accept what my body looks like. That’s me. And I didn’t find any excuses, why do I look like me… it’s just me. Loose skin, cellulite , stretch marks and all.”

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The biggest mistake women make when buying swimwear – and the best cut for each size

With warm days and the ocean calling our name, women across Australia are preparing for the summer and everything that comes with it – a new swimsuit.

But as the country waits excitedly for some of the much-needed seasonal sun, many people are less interested in the prospect of finding a fit and flattering bikini.

Genelle Walkom, creative director of Sydney-based swimwear giant Seafolly, said there is a simple reason why women continue to struggle with cheap high waisted swimsuits shopping.
In an interview with Whimn, Ms. Walkom revealed that the difficulties are due to the fact that women do not know their bodies.
Ms. Walkom revealed that the key to finding the ideal shape and texture is to “keep an open mind and explore new contours and design features” that may be a miracle for your unique body.

Designers caution not to buy the latest trends just for fashion, as they may not add to the problem areas of the hips, stomach, chest or leather.

She said: “You want a style that can support your troubled area to ensure you are confident, sexy and relaxed.”
In November 2017, Australian swimwear influencers Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman shared their expert advice on selecting the most flattering items for your body size when speaking for FEMAIL.

According to the girls, the most flattering bikini is the “Classic Tie Triangle Bikini”, which is popular for its versatility in any shape.

For women looking for larger breasts and smaller women behind, social media stars recommend wide shoulder straps and adjustable pants.
The best swimwear for all kinds of body
Pear Shape – To keep the focus away from the hips or thighs, choose a brightly colored bikini top with a pure black bottom. This creates a perfect proportion of the illusion of the body when the eye is automatically attracted to the brighter part.

Small chest – a swimsuit with ruffles, wrinkles or wrinkles makes the chest area look bigger, and the same one-piece swimsuit with horizontal stripes. Some bikinis have built-in push-ups to enhance the cleavage.

Sports Styling – The best type of sporty, straight or rectangular sports swimwear is monokini, a single piece of two incisions for the waist and hips. The details create lines on the body that make it look more curved.

Heavy mid-section – Women who want to distract their stomach should choose a single-line bikini or vest. If they want, the sunbather can roll up the top part to show some skin.

Hourglass shape – Curvier women who prefer a two-piece style should use a vintage retro-style bikini to highlight the hourglass shape. High waist swimsuits provide coverage and support. The deep V-neck piece is also very flattering, simplifying the silhouette.
Anyone who cares about showing their abdomen should choose a single piece with a structured V-neck and high legs.

‘V-neck and slightly higher leg cuts help to increase the length of the torso and legs, making all mid-section wounds more sweet.

They said, “The high waist bottom, medium coverage and contoured side panels will shape your contours and tighten the waist.”
Active international physical movements have led to a surge in demand for fascinating swimming styles.

The US-based brand Summersalt recently listened to this request for a one-shoulder asymmetric single-piece price of $95 ($131). The site quickly snapped up a series of five-star ratings online almost overnight after launch in August.

On the basis of Sidestroke, the coveted design has a waiting list of more than 7,250 people before restocking.

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How the beaches on the South Coast inspired the new Wollongong swimwear fashion brand

When Natalie Croke and Amanda Belkin met at Illawarra Sports High School in the 7th year, they began a friendship and saw them spend many weekends and holidays at Hyam Beach.

As teenagers, they really like the seaside adventures of the South Coast, so they left a lot of memories after they left school and entered the labor market.

Recently, it inspired two 24-year-olds to become swimming suits for ladies fashion designers and launched their first collection in two weeks.
After leaving school, Ms. Crocker went to the FBI Fashion Institute in Sydney and completed her business diploma there. She then went to Wollongong University, where she graduated in marketing and advertising and now works at Waples Marketing.

Ms. Bergin works at a mining company in Unanderra.

They are still close friends after school. One day, when Ms. Birkin explained the difficulty of finding a bikini top on her, the two decided to become entrepreneurs and start their own business and swimwear fashion brands.

They don’t have to work very hard to find a name for their business. Hyams Beach Swim was launched on October 1st and the Golden Days collection is the first swimwear collection.

Fashion designers are always ahead. So when they launched their first collection in the summer of 2018/19, two friends and business partners were developing their next series.

Combining the fashion shoots of the Golden Day series at Hyams Beach last weekend, Ms. Crocker and Ms. Birkin are very busy.

However, their combination of business and leisure is not that feeling.

“This collection is inspired by the endless white sand and crystal water found in Jervis Bay, Jervis Bay,” Ms. Crocker said.

“It pays tribute to our young people, who grew up on the South Coast, spend their days on the beach, ride our favorite ATV, and survive on hot sandwiches. Our “Golden Years”.”

“In the process of growing up, Amanda, whose cup size is 12E, has never found a swimmer’s top, providing support and style at a cost-effective price. Therefore, our designs have adjustable shoulder straps, laces and thick straps. Support materials to ensure that we serve women of all shapes and sizes.

“Our product range will exceed $120. We are very excited about the launch in less than two weeks.”

Ms. Crocker said that the first series is available in all sizes from S to XL to meet the needs of the F Cup.

The aim is to provide a more diverse range of sizes for the following series.

“Our goal is to make swimwear that makes women of all shapes and sizes look comfortable. We offer styles and support for high quality fabrics.”

Ms. Crocker said that everyone who took part in the filming at Heims Beach last weekend came from the South Coast.

The 75% collection is made from eco-friendly fabrics.

The material used in the swimwear collection is Italian fabric made from recycled fishing net VITA. Or the American fabric called Repreve, a recyclable high-quality performance fabric.

After ordering the swimwear, the customer will receive it in an eco-friendly printed fabric drawstring bag.

“Our manufacturer is headquartered in Indonesia,” Ms. Crocker said.

“They fulfill corporate social responsibility, pay higher than the minimum wage, and provide free medical services to employees.

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The “Floss” bikini is the trend of the new trend of new swimwear – will you rock this summer?

Although it seems that Brazilian swimwear was only popular yesterday, the new trend is quickly being replaced.

Because of its similarity to floss, this trend is called “floss bikini.”

It is expected that this trend will soon appear on Australian beaches during the warmer months as it is currently circulating on Instagram.
Overseas, bikinis were found in Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Perry Edwards.

Influential people and celebrities on the Australian coast such as Gabrielle Epstein, Karina Irby and DJ Tigerlily also shared snapshots on vintage high waisted bikini

The Floss bikini is made of tiny materials that are held together by a thin tie that looks like they can be loosened at any time.

Others have no contact at all, just a simple strip of material that secures the front and back.
This allows people to show off their bodies, because swimwear has almost no imagination.

As the warmer months come, it is expected that the trend of Australian beaches will be in full swing in the coming weeks.

However, it is not suitable for timid people.
For those who want to buy trends, people can buy similar bikinis from Indaia Swim, Glassons and Sommer Swim.

The Floss Bikini trend follows other recent swimwear trends, including Kendall Jenner and Rita Ora’s favorite V-kini.

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Miss New America is very happy that she does not have to wear a swimsuit to win.

Atlantic City, New Jersey (AP) – The first woman to win Miss America’s championship without wearing a swimsuit said she was happy that she was not necessary.

Nia Imani Franklin won the Atlantic City Sunday night title in Miss New York’s game. He said that the change of the 98-year-old player is a popular modernization.

Franklin quickly met the reporter after winning the championship. She said she was very happy that she didn’t have a swimwear competition because it made her eat a little.

“I think these changes will be huge for our organization,” she said. “I have seen many young women personally contact me, Miss New York asked how they intervened because I feel that they feel more capable of doing something, such as wearing a swimsuit to participate in a scholarship.

Franklin said: “I am very happy that I don’t have to do this tonight, because I am not just like this.” “All these women are not just the one on the stage.”
Her victory regained a series of successes that Imperial University has achieved in the beauty pageant on Sunday night. Mallory Hagan, Nina Davuluri and Kira Kazantsev won the Miss New York Championship from 2013 to 2015.

Franklin is a classical lead singer whose platform is “advocating art” and opera opera La Boheme sang opera on Sunday night.

She wrote her first song when she was 5 years old. It is “love, love, love, love, this is the only thing that is important to me, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.” Under the impetus of an Associated Press reporter, she was after the victory. The song was sung at the press conference and the audience snorted.

Franklin won a $50,000 scholarship in the first Miss America beauty pageant that did not participate in the swimwear competition.

She said in an interview on the stage that she is one of the minority students in the school’s growth, but she loves music and art to grow and adapt.

The fourth place is Miss Gabriela Tawelas of Massachusetts; the third is Miss Taylor Tyson, Florida; the second is Miss Conley, Louisiana, Conway, the first is Miss Connecticut, Bridget Oy .

During the beauty pageant on Sunday night, the judges narrowed the field of 51 candidates from the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall.

The decision to abandon the swimwear competition has caused a lot of controversy and criticism of the current Miss America leadership. A few minutes before the start of the national TV show, a comedian warming up said that there would be no ladies swimming costume competition this year and he was screaming loudly in the hall.

These swimsuits were replaced by interviews with the front desk, and these interviews evoked compelling comments from the contenders on President Trump and NFL player protests and other topics.

Behind the scenes, most of the US national organizations are launching rebellion, demanding that President Gretchen Carlson and CEO Regina Hopper resign.

Former US Miss Caramond said that the two men bullied and silenced her, claiming that these women denied it.

After taking over the helm of Miss America last winter, an e-mail scandal made the former US Miss America’s appearance, intelligence and sexual life demeaning. Carlson and Hopper began to reorganize the organization, calling it “Miss America.” 2.0″.

Dissatisfied with the way swimwear decides, and other aspects of Carlson and Hopper’s performance, 46 of the 51 electoral organizations (including the District of Columbia) have asked the two to resign.

Before the next winner was crowned, Mund only appeared at the end of the beauty pageant. She was not allowed to broadcast live; instead, the 30-second recording she played was broadcast.

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The bikini coffee shop lowered it a little before the opening on Friday.

For those who want to buy “Pantydropper” when they open the Pink Pantherz bikini
coffee shop on Friday (September 14th), they will have to order “Aloha”.

The owner of Pink Pantherz Jose Carmona said yesterday (September 12) that he has
reduced some of the more suggestive drink names and may be changing the barista uniforms
at the 2797 El Camino Real store in North Fair Oaks.

“We are changing something, but we will still be a womens high waisted bikini barista coffee shop,” Carmona
said. “But we are making some changes, so we are not going to be seen as adult
entertainment. We have not yet determined how the uniform looks, but we are studying it.

San Mateo County Planning Director Steve Monovets sent a letter to Carmona, which set a
clothing regulation for the company, saying that women’s bikinis must completely cover
their hips and breasts.

If the coffee shop staff wears less than what is needed, Pink Pantherz will be
considered an “adult entertainment business” under the county code and the area does
not allow such business. (Hanky ??Panky Strip Club, located at 2651 El Camino in North
Fair Oaks, has existed before the regulations and has passed.)

The uniforms of Pink Pantherz employees caused strong protests from residents of North
Fair Oaks who had sent messages to Carmona and the county magistrate about their dislike
of the store.

“I think the downside is that we are new to the community and they don’t know what we
are,” Carmona said. “We may be pushing this slightly, but in the end it allows us to
sponsor activities such as raising money for cancer.”

According to Carmona, Pink Pantherz organized a fundraising campaign for cancer patients
in the communities of Fresno, Modesto and Fremont, where his other coffee stalls are

Sister Christina Hersley, executive director of the St. Francis Center on the cafe
street, said yesterday that she was very excited about his concessions. Herzley led the
outreach to Carmona.

Hurzley said: “Change the name of the coffee to the name of a common coffee… and let
the workers wear it less violently. I think it is a serious concession.” “I think he has
heard the community.”