When the temperature is getting chillier, it means we are entering the fall season for sure. So this is the time to rotate our wardrobe collection into warmer outfits.

This year trends are mostly focused on color and simple autumn vibes. In the trend below that I list you can try with basic colors or playing around with flashy colors.

The autumn trends bring a lot of stylish items so you can enjoy the autumn breeze with a beautiful look. You can creatively make your statement look with this year’s fashion trend. Therefore at this chance, I will share a few autumn trends you should know. So you can prepare the best outfit for your daily wear on any occasion.

Red Cherry Outfit

This year red cherry outfits gained so much attention to be added to the fall collection. It has a bright and vibrant color that will become the main focus of your outfit. Both men and women can look fashionable in this color.

Ruched front midi dress

This front-slit long dress is definitely a must-have item. Perfect item when you want to expose your beautiful legs. This dress is perfect to combine with black high-knee boots.

Lula Patent Buckled Bag – Red

The red buckled bag is definitely pretty and adds a girly feel to your autumn outfit. The cherry red color is stunning and stands out even though you only wear a simple outfit.

Black Blazer

One of the key trends for autumn outfits is casual and easy wear. One of the trendy items is a black blazer. Casual and classy looks are easily created just by wearing it as an outer layer. For the inner layer, you can wear a simple white shirt. If you want to add a little feminine touch you can wear a lace collar shirt for the inner.

Mint Velvet Longline Double Breasted Blazer, Black

This double-breasted blazer has a simple and stylish cut. You can pair it with any bottom from formal to casual outfits. Wide-leg jeans would be the best combo when you want to create a casual and fashionable style.

Floral print dress

The next trend to know is the floral print dress. This outfit is pretty eye-catching and flattering when you add this to your autumn coordinates. The floral print dress can be worn alone in early fall or with an inner layer during the chilly season.


This dress features frilly details that make the dress look so gorgeous and adorable. Simply matching this dress with chunky boots, you will instantly look so fashionable and fabulous. The flowy material brings out even more elegance to your whole appearance.

Chiffon Floral Print Midi Dress

If you want a simple and easy-to-wear dress, choose a long-sleeve-printed dress. You can definitely wear this alone. So you don’t need to add inner or outer layers. Pair it with your favorite heels and when it is done, you are successful in creating a beautiful autumn look. You don’t need any additional accessories because the flower pattern is your main focus coordination.

Metallic outfit

Besides the red cherry outfit, the metallic color also became popular and gained much attention. The color is gorgeous and perfect for the fall and winter seasons. So you can wear it a bit longer till the end of winter.

Long Strappy Metallic Dress

This metallic long dress has a minimalist design but emphasizes your body silhouette greatly. You will look so attractive and pretty in this dress.

Mordoré nappa leather ballerinas

Metallic footwear is also such a great choice to complete your autumn outfit. Gold metallic ballerina shoes from Miu Miu will make your appearance more attractive.

Black Shoulder bag

A black shoulder bag creates a classy and luxurious feel to your coordinates. This trend will continue throughout the winter fashion collection as well. So I recommend having this as your staple item for the fall.

Nappa leather Pocket bag

One of the best materials for your bag is leather, which has great quality and durability. A piece from Miu Miu is a good choice to follow the trend. It features a spacious inner and a lot of extra pockets, so you can still bring enough of your essential things.

Petra Curved Shoulder Bag – Black

This curved shoulder bag has a clean and simple design but is fashionable to wear. It makes you look more elegant and classy. You can match this black bag with anything.

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