The Advanced Collocation Skills of Post-90s Girls are Worth Learning!


Fashion collocations is a style of dressing at a particular time. These fashion collocations keep on changing as years go by. For instance, they can be categorized into current, latest, modern, growing, or outdated fashion collocations. This means that you have to be familiar with the changing fashion collocation skills, specifically, as a girl, you have to learn the post 90s advanced collocation skills.

The ability to dress chic and stylish daily requires skills that at times might be hard for you to master. Luckily enough, we have compiled some important and advanced collocation skills that every girl needs to be aware of. Follow and put these skills into action and you will be able to revolutionize your way of dressing each day and on different occasions.

Step 1: organize and Edit Your Closet

It is important to make sure that your closet is well organized and edited in case you want to dress stylishly. To achieve this, you need to examine your wardrobe and donate every outfit that is outdated and you never put on. After you are done with decluttering your wardrobe, then work to organize the entire closet neatly into categories. In case you have a hunger, hung those type of clothes you feel are worth hanging and fold the remaining. It would also be better if you find a shoe rack for your shoes.

Balance Your Top and Bottom


For you to strike the right balance, you have to ascertain that the top and bottom outfit compliment and match with each other. For instance, in case the top you are wearing is loose, it would be better if you match it with tight pants. Also, if you are having on wide-leg pants, you can compliment it with a fitted top.

Make Sure that the Closets You Buy Fit Your Shape

Girls have different shapes, some are slender, while others are slender. This means that when you go for shopping, buy the type of outfit that works for your body and can flatter you. For example, if high-rise skinny jeans and the empire waist dresses flatter you looks, then go for them. You can also try them with varied fabrics, colors, and embellishments. Having the right type of closet boosts your confidence a notch-higher.

Make Sure the Colors of Your Closet Suit Your Skin Tone

Are you aware that there are some colors that compliment well with your skin while others do not. This is a skill you are required to know when dressing. Make sure that your wardrobe only has closets that flatter you. For those girls with complexions that are cool, go for white, black, grey, silver, and blue colored garments. As for those with warm undertones, go for the brown, gold, olive, red, and yellow garments.




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